One facet of our economy is in boom time: frantic sale of guns, ammo

I will give you this: our current economy is certainly the strangest which ever puzzled me. It may rank as the oddest and most disastrous in history. (It’s the unemployment, stupid!)

Guns and ammunition seem to be pacing the so-called recovery. They lead cars and electronics, even food and shelter. In fact their sales have led to a missile-speed rise in firearms inflation. And the end is nowhere in sight.

One fact is easily understandable about the boom of the firearms and ammunition industries in the middle of a howling recession. Fear is supposedly forcing people to cut back on spending, yet another kind of dread trumps that fear and keeps purchases spiraling upward in the gun business.  It is obvious that a large percentage of the public simply does not trust the Obama Administration when it comes to our Second Amendment rights.

In this current imbroglio the only principle which holds universally true is that of ever higher prices. A box of 1,000 pistol primers, which I bought for $12.50 just two years ago, now fetches $50 on the Birmingham market.  A pound of gunpowder, which cost $15 in the same period, now earns $30.  Other reloading components have moved upward similarly in price. I mention primers and powder because they are the two almost indispensable items in churning out cheap, second-hand ammunition.

Testing the market further, I perused my Midway USA catalogue to learn that this Missouri firm, which brags it sells “just about everything” in the firearms line, is slap out of pistol and rifle primers. Every item I checked was labeled, “Not in stock – no back orders.” Translated, that means: “We’re out, and don’t know when we will get any more, so don’t bother ordering.” I hadn’t run into notices like this since the great shortages of World War II.  Gunpowder items were not so grim.  Many of the more popular powders were described as “temporarily unavailable,” offering some small hope to desperate buyers.

Typical garb for Knob Creek Gun Show atendee

Typical garb for Knob Creek Gun Show visitor

Clearly, the gun-toting community smells something in the wind, and that odor is imminent additional gun-control legislation. This fact is so obvious it hardly needs underscoring. Anti-gunners have a kindred soul in the White House and a sympathetic Democrat Party in control of Congress. What better time?

Still, caution is the watchword. The Supreme Court’s recent ruling declaring gun ownership an individual right has thrown true grit into the machinery of gun-control. Anti-gunners must return to their time-honored tactic of hacking at the Second Amendment one weapon at a time. And where else to begin than large gun shows which pop up at intervals around the nation? Unfortunately, there is a big roadblock in the way, the 65 pro-gun House Democrats who can meld their votes with Republicans to kill any such legislation.

Liberal hack columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. fired the opening campaign salvo in a column, which The Birmingham News printed under the headline, “Overpowering Gun Lobby.” Labeling gun shows as “Tupperware parties for criminals,” Dionne blistered both Obama and Congress for both timidity and outright opposition to legislation in this area.

“Obama, at least, should understand this,” Dionne wrote. “He was not elected by the gun lobby. It worked hard to rally gun owners against him – and failed to stop him.”

What’s this? Is a lib writer attacking the current party icon? Don’t believe it for a minute. With friends like Dionne in the press, Obama can float initiatives without risk of being burned if they backfire. He can attack reluctant Democrats with no fear of retaliation. The new president just got through launching his biggest recent foreign initiative with help from the media: the “great Mexican drug and weapons war.” Associated Press got it started with a drumbeat announcing that Mexico is coming unglued and may not long exist as a nation. Later stories informed us it was all because guns were being smuggled in from the United States, forcing the Mexican Army and police to wage an indecisive battle with armed drug gangs.

Panicky news stories “forced” Obama to fly south to see if this were true. To no one’s surprise, the Mexican president assured him the situation was just as tormenting as depicted. But upon return to Washington Obama discovered the 65 pro-gun House members were as obdurate as ever. It was discouraging. The media had just finished a 10th anniversary weepy memorial to the dead of the great Columbine school massacre, timed to bolster the president’s adventure south of the border.  Perhaps it had occurred to the 65 pro-gun House members that the fastest way to halt smuggling into Mexico would be for the U.S. to regain control of its southern border – something no president in recent memory has managed to do.

Machine guns like this 30-caliber chatter away at Knob Creek

Machine guns like this 30-caliber chatter away at Knob Creek

Once Obama came to grief in the House, he dropped the issue; and his buds in television, newspapers, and magazines forgot it instantly. Apparently the Mexicans will have to manage as best they can. The anti-gun libs have switched their attack to gun trade shows, which appear yearly over the nation and twice annually in Birmingham.

Of all the gun shows in this nation, none irritates anti-gun liberals more than the semiannual Knob Creek, Kentucky, machine gun extravaganza, located near Louisville (in Bullit County, no kidding). Media libs have worked tirelessly to plant the idea that automatic weapons are as illegal as murder, and anyone who owns one is sure to land behind bars. Truth is, they are legal in most states. One needs only money and a license from the federal government, plus compliance with states laws, and he can reenact The Sands of Iwo Jima.

Twice a year adventurous types gather in Knob Creek to expose the media lie with a shootout to make most gun shows look like priestly sabbatical retreats.  Automatic weapons chatter there all day long, and into the night, when they fire tracers to ignite gunpowder and gasoline bombs, creating a light show which rivals South Pacific, circa 1943.

Onlookers aren’t confined to looking on. If they have the money and ammunition, they can rent a machine gun and join the fun.  On display are automatic weapons from all eras, flame throwers, restored fighting vehicles, artillery pieces, silencers, short-barreled rifles and shotguns, and grenade launchers. Lots of cash seems to be the main limit to enjoying this hobby, a segment of which includes restoring MiG jets and Panzer tanks.

Knob Creek is such a hideous threat in liberal eyes that you will rarely see the show mentioned in the mainstream media, and that only disparagingly. To the rest of us, though, it is the Lexington and Concord of modern liberty.


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