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Don’t procrastinate. Emigrate! It is to laugh as feds continue their fumbles

The classic wetback maneuver: floating on inflated bags

Illegal immigration – there’s a thought-provoking subject. And the Gulf oil spill, even more so.

Both provoke me to think that the federal government – as it is haphazardly stitched together – would have trouble organizing and policing a two-car funeral.

Concerning immigration, it has been apparent for decades (except perhaps for the most deeply brain-damaged among us) that the federal bureau of that name, and its policies, are one of history’s great disasters. Ten to 12 million illegal aliens among us stand as proof.  Despite this, the Obama administration still insists on command of the problem, threatening lawsuits to states like Arizona which organize minimal defenses against the horde of Mexicans flooding across its borders. Continue reading


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