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There’s gold in those television ads, but I’ll stick to my worthless dollar

Gold looks great, but try spending it at the store

I like gold. It is nice looking; it doesn’t rust; and people stand in awe if you have a lot of it hanging on your person.

What frosts my cupcake is having to listen to all the gold-blather on radio and  television for the past 10 years.  You’ve heard it too: the economy is crashing, the dollar is worthless, and you better buy gold or you’ll starve and die. This scare cacophony of the gold salesmen began back when their expensive metal sold for $300 an ounce; after a decade and more of panic advertising they’ve forced the price up to over $1,800. You would think they would be satisfied to sit back and rake in the dough, but their apocalyptic shrieking has only intensified.

Let’s see if I understand the logic: my dollars are now almost worthless. Their gold is rising swiftly and predicted to hit $2,000 an ounce in the near future. Yet they want me to trade my pitiful, ragged currency for their miracle metal, the only guarantee of economic salvation. Am I missing something here? It seems more sensible if they harassed me to sell them my gold wedding ring.  Continue reading


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