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Confessions of an art guerrilla; critics, painters often scam unwary public

“The Scream,” a pastel by late Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, sold this year for $120 million at Sothby’s. I screamed when I read the news: “What a rip-off!!!” Your Aunt Susie could do a better job of drawing with finger paints.

Listen, my children, and you shall hear – the confessions of an art guerrilla: I am the

Mona Lisa: a big bust

ErnestoCheGuevara of the art set, a nasty rebel amongst aesthetes of the wine and cheese brigade.  I’ve banished the drab opinions of ” experts” and now accept only art that I personally prefer.  And like my alter ego, Che,  I intend to make ceaseless war on the fat sacred cows of painting.

This urge to topple fat-headedness is so heretical that I don’t even like Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” that hymn to Renaissance mediocrity which has been hyped for centuries as a world masterpiece beyond price. Oh, it is okay, a nice piece of drawing, but that’s all. I might hang it on the wall if someone gave me Leonardo’s artwork for free. But in no alternate universe fantasy would I waste millions of dollars buying it. A great place to display it would be the bathroom, where visitors are in a hurry and in no mood to linger over the painting’s deficiencies. Continue reading


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Those seeking God, gold and glory embellish America’s great story

"For God, Gold and Glory" depicts Columbus and crew

Strangest thing, America gets much better press from its immigrants than from all its over-educated bookworms, its news and entertainment media, or its alleged academics. Often these tired-and-poor newcomers sing our praises louder than even our most privileged native fauna – the billionaires.

Just follow a crowd of Mexican illegals around any Wal-Mart super center. They radiate an aura of Sir Galahad finding the Holy Grail, Orphan Annie regaining Daddy Warbucks, or a thirsty camel falling into the Nile River. Continue reading


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