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I can wiggle my ears; presto, I’ve been tossed backwards in evolution circles

How would you like to pick up the daily paper to learn you have become an evolutionary throwback?  I mean, even more primitive than a cave man.

Ears told him: Friend or foe

My Wall Street Journal tossed this shocker at me, all because of a harmless little physical quirk I use to amuse and confound people at parties.

I can wiggle my ears. Not just a tiny wiggle, mind you. When I wiggle,  my glasses climb up and down my nose. The sight convinces some partygoers they’ve had one drink too many.

The Journal article – about the body’s evolutionary changes – dubbed me a throwback to the days when our semi-human ancestors needed ears which could swivel to catch slight sounds of tasty prey or dangerous predators. Only 20 percent of today’s population retains this physical oddity. Continue reading


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