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Birmingham News implodes, eases into cyberspace

The Birmingham News’ recently constructed and expensive building.

It’s always a messy business watching a large newspaper die.  And this week of June 16, 2011 we saw The Birmingham (Alabama) News scuttle itself, roll over, and began to fold itself into the Internet.

The paper announced that it would cease publication in October except for three days a week.  The rest of news publication would be transferred to The News’ internet version.  One suspects its operation later will segue into total electronic publication.

It wasn’t a surprise to many of us out in journalism land.  Like many American newspapers, The News for decades had been losing circulation and advertising revenue.  The reasons are primarily economic made worse by the four-year recession-depression that has racked the nation. Continue reading


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Where do you stand on the death penalty? Ever see an execution?

How do you stand on the subject of capital punishment, the death penalty?

Many will assault your ears with opinions on this subject at the leasthangman knot 1 encouragement. Debating teams jaw about it endlessly, when they aren’t dissecting the Electoral College, or determining whether global warming is real or myth.  Editorial writers don’t even have to be asked. But how many folks who flap their lips on this subject have ever attended an execution?

My own education in this particular phase of crime and punishment took place in 1957 when I was reporting for the State Times, a daily newspaper of record in Jackson Mississippi. The city editor called me aside one day to ask Continue reading


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